Dear traveler, in this section we will describe in detail how to book our suites and we will advise you on the payment methods that can guarantee the confirmation of your room and protect us from any damage and/or consumption in them.


Each of our cameras contains benefits for several tens of thousands of €. Our staff works hard to ensure that all of our environments delivered in impeccable condition. In view of this meticulous work, we require all our guests to book a reservation guaranteed by a credit card.

The credit card is now the one and only transparent, traceable and secure way, the credit card guarantees our protection and that of our guests. Unfortunately we cannot accept bookings that are not supported by a valid credit card.

In case of using a PostePay or a debit card or any form of payment other than a credit card, a security deposit corresponding to € 150 per day will be required at check-in. The same will be returned the day after check-out less any damage and / or consumption.

All reservations made by Debit Card or PostePay not containing at least the amount of the reservation will be discarded. Obviously we remain at your complete disposal for any clarification directly on our Whatsapp chat that you find below on the right.